About Charotar
The fertile tract with copious water resources and green trees between rivers MAHI and VATRAK in Kheda District is known as ‘CHAROTAR’. People of Charotar are hardy & hard working. Their outstanding character is that they possess robust commonsense and are down to earth practical. They are generally bold, enterprising, informal and straightforward. They neither mince words nor hesitate to call spade a spade. Being resourceful and dynamic, they are quick to move with changing times. Being warm-hearted, they easily make friends.

In adversity there can be no better friend than the one from Charotar. He can be difficult person too, if you cross swords with him and yet reconciliation with him is always possible since he is generally lion-hearted and inclined to forget and forgive.

Charotar have in common rich ancient history and culture. Citizens of Charotar are a unique Gujarati community. They are spread all over the world while still retaining a very strong attachment to their roots. Over the period in hunger of success and existence people have settled their families, run various businesses, and practice professions all across the world.
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